there is no destination, only the journey.

Vineet Bhatia London is owned and run by husband and wife team, Vineet and Rashima Bhatia. Their journey —from Mumbai to London— influences all aspects of the VBL experience, from the colour of the walls to the names of the private dining rooms and unique style of food


Hailing from the sun-scorched streets of Mumbai, India, Vineet and Rashima Bhatia moved to England in the early nineties to pursue a dream of owning their own restaurant. After stints at Star of India and Zaika, where Vineet cemented his burgeoning reputation by winning the restaurant its first Michelin star, their dream was realised; in 2004 Rasoi was born. 

Rasoi, housed in the same space as VBL, quickly won the acclaim of London’s taste-makers - with Tatler remarking that “no one is turning out food quite as dazzling” and Egon Ronay placing Vineet in his “Magnificent Seven Chefs” list. A starred entry in the Michelin Guide soon followed, testament to both Vineet’s work in the kitchen and Rashima’s as co-director. 

Vineet has always practised what he terms an “evolved” version of Indian cuisine. Rasoi’s dishes melded flavours from across the regions of India and added twists in the form of European ingredients and plating styles. A sophisticated approach to spicing became his signature. 

By 2016, it was time to evolve again: Rashima and Vineet closed Rasoi’s famous front door for the last time and readied themselves for the next leg of their journey. In October of the same year they launched Vineet Bhatia London, the latest chapter in their epic story. 

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